Qiangli Ferris Wheel Ride for Sale

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Qiangli Giant Ferris wheel for Sale

Giant ferris wheel is an important amusement ride for any amusement park or theme park. It is a kind of landmark of many entertainment park.Qiangli provide the giant ferris wheel with many specifications,large size and can reach a height of over one hundred meters. Its cabins are installed on the edge of the circular rails, offering passengers a wonderful panoramic view. When the ferris wheel begin to operate, rides can enjoy the beautiful sceneries seeing from a giant ferris wheel, like distant mountains, flowers and trees on the ground, and other unexpected scenes. In this way can they gain a very relaxing and refreshing feeling and that’s why so many people like to ride a giant ferris wheel.

The giant Ferris wheel is a marvelous attraction and the most spectacular fairground ride in the amusement park or theme park and some scenic places. When you get the high point, you can see views from a height of just over 100 feet. The comfortable gondolas are well secured in order to allow you to fully and safely enjoy the experience at a leisurely pace. The giant ride is a stunning backdrop for any festival, bringing a sentiment of excitement to any town.

Small Ferris wheel for Sale

Small or mini Ferris wheel can bring passengers similar ride experience. Mini ferris wheel is specially designed for children who are not allowed to ride a giant Ferris wheel or people who has acrophobia, small ferris wheel is the best choice for them to experience the feeling of riding a ferris wheel. Similar to giant Ferris wheel that requires a good vision around it, small Ferris wheels also needs to be situated in a place with spacious and enjoyable view although its height is limited.The small ferris wheel gondolas can shaped into different forms, such as flowers or animals and its color collocation is excellent, full of vigor and vitality. The small carousel ride can be used in small scale amusement park, carnival, and your backyard. If you want to add a mini Ferris wheel to your backyard, welcome to contact Qiangli ferris wheel manufacturer.

Qiangli is a professional ferris wheel manufacturer, if you have any demand, welcome contact us anytime.


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