Notices When Passengers Riding Merry Go Round

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Merry go round is a kind of classic amusement park rides, It is a staple carnival ride in the amusement park, theme parks worldwide. People love the feel of horses rotating on the circular platform and moving up and down. Meanwhile, park merry go round for sale also catches adults’ eyes, because it is a symbol of their carefree childhood life and it means romantic. Of course, the matters you should attention when you ride the merry go round is very important, this article will introduce the things you should notice when you ride the carousel ride.

Notices When Passengers Riding Merry Go Round
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  1. Kids under 1.2 m should be accompanied by their parents to ride carousels, for the horseback is slightly high from the floor and it is difficult for children under 1.2 m to reach it.
  2. Children under 3-year-old are not allowed to ride carousels. Too young children lack of self-control ability, they may cry or twist about when fairground carousels run, which is easy to cause chaos for the amusement park of funfair.
  3. For the sake of customers’ health, pregnant women and people who suffer from heart diseases, spondylitis, and hypertension or other diseases that may cause discomfort when riding amusement park rides are not allowed to ride the carousel.
  4. Please don’t walk or run randomly on the platform during the operation process of carousels in case of accident.
  5. If the amusement park or funfair is crowded with people, please wait in line and ride carousels in turn under the guidance of operators, making sure that all visitors are able to enjoy the fun of fairground carousels in a harmonious and orderly environment.

Merry go round has beautiful decorations, beautiful music, is really welcomed by people in amusement parks. So the carousel ride is a good choice for amusement park investment. If yuo have any doubts about the carousel ride or you have demand for carousel ride for sale, welcome to buy a carousel ride from Qiangli—a leading carousel supplier in China.


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