Why Bumper Car Rides are Popular in Amusement Park ?

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Bumper car ride a kind of amusement ride item, favored by most of people, especially young people. It is so popular for it create a lot of fun for drivers. As long as you reach to the required height, you can play the bumper car. People flock to the bumper car area, step into a bumper car and wear the seat belts and begin to collide with cars of their friends or other family members. That is very excting feeling. In the process of collision, they are relaxed and excited. It can bring people the different and thrilling experience.

As a leading amusement rides supplier, we Qiangli produce various kinds of bumper car rides, such as kiddie bumper cars rides, bumper cars for adults, mini bumper cars, fairground and carnival bumper car rides. Our bumper car rides for sale have been exported to many countries, like Australia, India, Russia, Uzbekistan and South Africa etc. If you are interested in our bumper car ride or have demand for bumper car rides, please feel free to contact us. We always offer first-class products and services to our customers.

We QiangLi amusement manufactuere produce grid-type bumper car and battery bumper car ride, gird-type bumper car ride is a kind of conventional bunper car that appears earlier. Grid bumper car divided into sky-net bumper cars, ground-grid bumper cars, which is depending on the direction of power supply.

The History of Bumper Car Ride

To an amusement park ride, there are always several stories about its origin.The Stoehrer brothers firstly patented their bumper cars and then founded the Dodgem Company. At first, the bumper car is difficult to maneuver and was even regarded as an unmanageable thing. But there are so many people who enjoyed them at that time. The Stoehrer brothers call the car “the Rolls Royce of amusement devices”. Being improved gradually, bumper cars became much safer than before and drivers can control them well in modern time.

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