How to choose a large pendulum amusement equipment?

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Strength of large pendulum manufacturers;
Large pendulum amusement equipment level;
The cost of a large pendulum rides;
The required area of the large pendulum rides;
Analysis of the investment profit of the big pendulum rides;
Powerful brand manufacturer of big pendulum rides.
The above questions and information about the large pendulum rides can be left in contact. The staff of Qiangli amusement rides will contact you later. We have a complete price list and standard technical parameters of the large pendulum amusement equipment. You can Get to know the situation of the big pendulum rides quickly.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, our company has launched a detector that matches the equipment, which can measure everyone’s temperature and perform all-round disinfection measures, allowing us to play more safely.
This 16-seater pendulum rides is very suitable for tourist attractions, amusement parks, parks and other playgrounds. Compared with the traditional super-large pendulum, the cost is much more affordable, and the super-large carrying capacity of 16 people can meet the children of 1.1 meters or more. Compared with the large pendulum rides, it has less extreme excitement and is more suitable for the gaming needs of most groups.


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