Why buy large amusement equipment such as pirate ships in advance?

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It is believed that many investors will encounter such a problem when purchasing large amusement equipment such as pirate ships. After the introduction, the sales staff usually tells customers that the qualified amusement items need to be ordered in advance so that customers can choose earlier. So is this the routine of the factory sales staff? In fact, medium and large-scale amusement projects have attracted a lot of tourists with thrilling experiences, and profitability has also impressed investors. However, these devices must pass through layers from production, installation to operation. Layer detection and procedures.

The production cycle of pirate ships from most manufacturers is 20 days because customers must report to the local regulatory authority before installation, and they can install the work after being informed. 15 working days after the notification can be scheduled for testing. After that, it will take 8 days for the test machine to run. After the no-load, partial load, and full-load test machines pass the test, all the procedures can be completed before the trial operation. It takes a lot of time to go through this whole process without going through calculations. Therefore, it is safer to make reservations 60 days in advance for purchasing small and medium-sized qualifications. This is still a common qualification of amusement equipment. If it is a large-scale project such as a Ferris wheel, a roller coaster, etc., it will take longer, and it does not seem exaggerated 6 months in advance or even more than a year, especially in the peak season. If you have to wait in line for production. From these times, it is not difficult for us to find out that some formalities and procedures need to be carried out step by step according to national standards. This will not only help promote the entire industry but also ensure the safety of tourists. Maybe some investors say that investing in this large amusement equipment is so troublesome? In fact, when you find a professional cooperative manufacturer, you can be relatively relieved. Powerful amusement is one of the professional manufacturers.


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