What are the factors that affect the price of bumper cars?

Published:2019-11-15View:点击 318 次

Nowadays, children’s play equipment is more and more popular among the public, but the price of amusement equipment is uneven. Many factors affect the price of bumper cars.
First of all, the materials used in the bumper car will affect the price. The difference in the raw materials and specifications of the manufacturers will affect the price.

Secondly, the baking process of the equipment will also cause a difference in price. The combination of the FRP grinding process and the car baking process can bring more vivid and realistic shapes. The performance advantages of durability and fading are naturally superior.
Finally, the after-sales service will affect the price. Some small manufacturers seem to have preferential prices, but it is not responsible for after-sales. Once the problem occurs, it disappears without a trace. Therefore, many operators are willing to cooperate with large manufacturers. Obviously, they are more secure. After receiving a satisfactory after-sales service, they will have higher prices than small manufacturers.


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