Do you know Samba Balloon rides?

Published:2019-11-11View:点击 247 次

In the amusement park, there are only a few rides that can be suitable for children to play. I recommend a relatively good new children’s play equipment “Samba Balloon“. This ride is a bit similar to a carousel and a flying tower. which is operated by tilting and rotating on the upper rotating disc, and the cabin is tilted around the center. At the same time, the cockpit can be freely rotated by the passengers, and the rotation speed can be controlled freely. The decorative sphere on the upper part of the cockpit is a unique hot air balloon shape. In the night, the lights flashed and the play was more intense. The amusement equipment Samba balloon not only has excellent performance, simple operation but also has novel style and gorgeous decoration. It has the thrill of high-altitude driving and free leisure. Samba balloons are available in 4 arms, 6 arms, 8 arms, etc. The central axis and the boom are equipped with lanterns, and the night is more beautiful!

The name of this amusement equipment is quite in line with the children’s hobbies. The light from the balloon has great appeal to the children, and then its color, composed of multicolored colors, is more able to play in the playgrounds with numerous amusement equipment. Attracting the children’s attention, and finally its group, children can play with Mom and Dad or other children, so this is definitely a new type of amusement equipment for children to play.


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