Did you know all about investing in a pirate ship?

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Choosing a good pirate ship requires not only a reasonable price, but also whether the manufacturer of the pirate ship ride equipment has a qualified production and installation certificate, whether the pirate ship has professional production techniques, and whether the design and the pirate ship are novel in shape and can attract tourists. Whether the equipment manufacturer can provide complete installation and after-sales service can be used to complete the regular inspection of the pirate ship.

The normal pirate ship manufacturer should attach the inspection report of the pirate ship, the instructions for the use of the pirate ship, the qualification certificate of the pirate ship, the inspection and application materials of the pirate ship, and the safety notice of the pirate. Loading a fashion boat. Technical information about installing a pirate ship. There may also be a formal installation confirmation acceptance certificate. When the installer completes the installation, testing and on-duty training of the pirate ship, the customer confirms the installation of the qualified signature in writing and sends it to the pirate ship. Communicate routine maintenance instructions to safety managers.


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