What is the difference between a simple carousel and a luxury carousel ?

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The luxury carousel always has different degrees of change when compared with the simple horse. For example, the structure, appearance, lighting and price are different. As the market develops, the decoration is more and more luxurious. The luxury turn horse is more than just a few decorative and structural.

1.The luxury carousel has a lot of structure to bear the weight of the equipment, so that it can support the weight of the FRP, and some luxury carousel have different rotation modes, so you need to add some new ones to the luxury carousel . In the way of rotation, many of them are equipped with slewing supports. Therefore, this simple turning horse is incomparable. Simple horses are generally rotated by underground tires.

2.The dust-free paint room of the glass-steel used in the luxury carousel is very glossy through the multiple faces behind the grilled surface, and it is also very useful in the use of FRP. The manufacturing process is more complicated, and it can be made through good matching. The horse is more beautiful, and the simple horse is not so complicated.


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